And the winners are...

Forever and a day, I managed to stay up for the entire Oscars program last night. Ellen did a good job as master of ceremonies, and the entertainment was enjoyable. Not often the case. The show opened with Pharrell singing Happy, setting the tone for a fun, lively evening. Every award given was well deserved IMO.

Before I move on to fashion, I want to share my favorite movie of the year. There were many that I enjoyed for various reasons, but one stands out. It received no fanfare or glowing reviews. It had no violence, token sex scenes, family drama or gut-wrenching content. The audience clapped at its ending -- something unusual and refreshing in theaters these days. The only movie I took my kids to see outside animated feature films. And, they loved it. What was it?  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Just one of those feel good flicks.

On to the red carpet. Let's start with the darling of fashion throughout the entire awards season.

Lupita stole the show yet again. Stunning in her blue Prada gown. Isn't she lovely? She accepted her Oscar for best supporting actress for 12 Years a Slave with such grace and poise. Her speech was genuine and heartfelt. She boogied with Pharrell and gave Ellen her lip gloss, because she didn't have cash for pizza. I love her.


Red appears to be Jennifer Lawrence's color. Her tomato (not exactly red) Dior peplum gown was simple yet elegant. A winning combo in my book. Old news: she fell walking onto the red carpet. Psychic Thomas John predicted that someone in a red dress would fall. I don't trust psychics. Do you?

While some thought Cate looked washed out in her nude Armani gown, I thought she was stunning per usual. Wasn't crazy about her opal earrings. Too much. Her stylist should have chosen something simple. What do you think about her dress: drab or fab?

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Laura Dern looked pretty in her pale pink Alberta Ferretti strapless gown. Love the clutch. So cute seeing her arm and arm with her dad Bruce. Nebraska was one of my faves. Funnier than you would expect.

Honorable mentions…

Naomi Watts always looks very classy. Cute clutch.

Jessica Biel looked gorgeous  -- sans Justin who was on tour -- from head to toe. Hair, minimalist makeup, jewels and buttons-down-the-back Chanel gown. Well done Jessica. 

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Enough from me. Your opinions?


  1. I love Cate's dress! It was my favorite of the light neutral dresses that seemed to be so popular. I also thought that Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams looked good. I am not as wild about Jessica Biel. She is so gorgeous that she could really wear a sack and still be a knock-out, but I would have liked to see her in some color.

    1. Sandra was definitely on some best lists, but I didn't love it. I liked the cut of Amy's dress. I didn't think the color was flattering.

  2. I, too, love the Oscars and managed to stay up for the whole event. In agreement about Lupita. She somewhat stole the show, you could say. She is just adorable and genuine and her portrayal of Patsey was gut-wrenching. To see the contrast of her in celebration and then as Patsey, begging for soap with blood-shot eyes - wow. Both versions were perfection. I can't wait to see more of her. I loved Cate Blanchett’s dress and thought she looked great but wasn’t too crazy about Jessica Biel’s. I’m glad for your mention of Laura Dern – I loved her dress and didn’t realize it was pink! The selfie on Instagram was great. Pink’s version of Over the Rainbow was like buttah. And John Travolta and Liza Minnelli both left me dumb-founded. What the ….? My heart does belong to Bono (since I was a wee lass) but Pharrell’s performance was too much fun. I’ve been singing it all day. A wonderful night of the Oscars!

  3. Kerry W was my fave! She looked gorgeous- hair, makeup, dress. Loved all of it. Also loved anyone who wore color - lupita obvs but also jlaw. Cate is a goddess but I agree with you on the earrings.

    Let's move on to worst- Julia Roberts what are you doing I don't even understand.


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