Keep your house clean in just 30 minutes a day

One of my New Year's resolutions is to stay on top of household dirt and clutter. I loathe doing chores, especially laundry -- the never ending abyss. But they must be done lest my house turn into squalor. I found this nifty daily chores chart on my3monsters as my guide. Great blog.

I pay someone to clean my house twice a month. When I come home to a tidy, clean and fresh smelling house, I take it all in. Ahh. But it's all over once my kids cross the threshold.

This chart's going up on my fridge Monday. I resolve to complete these chores weekly for one month. Okay, so I don't do windows, dust ceiling fans or vacuum curtains. And, I would need a tutorial on how to steam clean grout.

I applaud those of you who have pawned off some of these chores on your kids. We are taking baby steps here at the mophead household. Last year, we upped our kid's allowance by two bucks to do their own laundry.

Parenting experts say that kids of all ages are fully capable of doing chores. Not assigning any, and picking up after them, is a disservice. Read how this mom went on strike.

Do your kids do chores? Do you pay them, or is it expected in your household? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Am I wrong, or if you're doing the 30 minutes daily, plus the 30 minutes of day-specialized cleaning that you are actually doing 60 minutes per day? False advertising! Plus, doing all that stuff on Monday and then you get to the last thing which is "clean windows"? I call total b.s. on this list. Cleaning the windows would take me hours. That's why you pay someone once a year to do that.

    1. I told you I don't do windows and some of that other stuff. I figure the daily should only take 10 minutes. Plus a lot of this stuff doesn't have to be done the day before or after the cleaning people come. Plus, plus you have 3 little monsters to help you, which should cut down your time. Do they do chores, btw?

      Challenge yourself, Susannah!

  2. Our allowance rules are, you must make your bed, bring up recycle bin (on way how easy is that???), bring down trash can from upstairs on Monday night. STK and I are not good about our follow through. STK and I aren't so good about paying out the allowance either....but that one always seems to catch up with us!!

  3. I've been meaning to make a chore chart. I had one when I was growing up. We never questioned it and always followed it to the letter. My daughter even suggested us having a chore chart for the days of the week! Yet I haven't followed through. What's wrong with me?!

    Anyway, we have the kids empty all wastebakets into big trash and take it down on Sunday. Same for recycling. I have them wipe down their bathroom sink and toilet (irregularly, but at least I don't have to clean out their nasty toothpaste spit!). They pick up after themselves around the house and do their rooms and put away their own laundry. I do not make them make their beds every day or load the dishwasher.

  4. Please excuse me for over-commenting on this one! Here's a post from about "Building Your Cleaning Arsenal." Sort of similar to your other post about cleaning products.

  5. We have our 10 year old daughter sweep the kitchen/breakfast area and wipe down all countertops/table/sinks in kitchen and bathrooms once a week. She also sets the table. This is in addition to keeping her room clean (reasonably that is ;-)) and putting away her laundry. She gets $5 a week for this (and of the $5 she has to put 10% to charity and 10% to savings). I will say she has gotten a bit neater in bathroom and kitchen since she is the one who has to wipe it up ;-)).

  6. It sounds freakishly doable, but you need determination and commitment to do all of this every working day for a whole entire month! Our cleaning lady is the best! Every time I get home, everything's spotless that's why I love her! However, learning how to clean my own house would be a great advantage. So, starting next month, I'll follow your daily cleaning guide and hope for the best. Haha!

  7. This list of daily chores is great, especially if both parents are busy at work. No matter how busy we are, cleaning the house shouldn’t be neglected because our house is the reflection of ourselves. I love the 30-minute cleaning idea for each day of the week and still having time for the family come weekend. - German Zollinger

  8. It’s great for kids to do the chores at such early age. It’s such a good impact for them to understand the concept of shared and not shared responsibility in their young minds. Just don’t expect perfection yet; make them feel worthy by praising them for having the contribution to the task, that will encourage them to help out more. =)

    Skylar Cox


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