Downton letdown

Who watched the premiere last night? Although wonderful and thoroughly engaging, I was a bit disappointed that the much-anticipated wedding ended so abruptly. No grand reception (maybe they couldn't afford one -- lots of penny pinching at the old Abbey), first dance, honeymoon bliss in the South of France. Anyone else feel robbed?

You can tell how much they adore each other.

I thought Mary's dress was the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance. I love the less-is-more bouquet of calla lilies too. What did you all think?

And, her going-away outfit was smart for the era. Don't you agree?


Did anyone else think Lady Sybil looked pregnant?

In any event, I wanted to share this org. chart with you fans:

Downton AbbeyVery clever indeed. Visit the site to expand.

Until next Sunday...

* All photos via tumblr and downtonabbeyaddicts.


  1. I loved her dress. I can't wait to see if wedding dress trends shift because of the show. And yes, Lady Sybil looks pregnant. What ever you do, do not Google "is Lady Sybil pregnant".

    And I agree - I wanted a reception and a honeymoon. When the wedding happened and they just showed up back at the house, I was disappointed. Looking forward to next week!

  2. Totally agree on the wedding, Maureen! What a weird edit, definitely felt like an abrupt transition. Mark was thrilled they skipped the ceremony and reception, I felt cheated.

    I hate to break it to you, but they already announced Sybil is pregnant in the Christmas Special (she told them in a letter). Then the American grandmother alluded it to it in this episode when they were welcoming her to DA. She said to Sybil that she wanted to know all about the baby plans and "you know we do it better in the States" or something like that (referring to delivery). Mark also commented on her round face. Nothing gets past him!

    1. Susannah already broke it to me. My long-term memory is not what is used to be.

    2. I loved the scene of the townspeople cheering as the carriage rolled by of the way to the church! But I too felt disappointed by the abbreviated wedding coverage. I recently read that the episodes are edited down by 25% for the U.S., so I am downloading the original, unedited, UK version in hopes of seeng more! (By the way, this is Julie but I can't figure out how to login so I'm anonymous for now!)

    3. Well good, I'm glad I wasn't the spoiler. I was annoyed that they didn't have "scenes from last season on Downton Abbey..." I was racking my brain on several things. They shouldn't be off the air for that long and expect you to remember!

      Julie (I'm not sure if I know you but I am replying to you anyway!) - Where it says "Comment as" or "Reply as" and then there is a drop-down, you can choose "Name/URL" and then just type your first name or initials or whatever, then click on "Continue." Thanks for the UK tip. I will definitely watch that version to get some more wedding footage!

  3. I loved every minute and had been counting the days until the season started but I agree about missing out on more wedding/reception/honeymoon details. I heard that for an hour before it aired there was a documentary about the actual house where they film - I am sad I missed that and hope they will replay it. Also, for Robin, they had PBS recap show that was aired during a telethon about a month ago. My husband happened to see that it was on and recorded it for me. It was definitely helpful in getting back up to speed on everything! I am very tempted to buy the whole season on DVD since it has already aired in the UK that is available. I hate waiting but then if I watch it all at once then I will be sad that it is over so quickly! Oh what to do? :-)


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