Where'd you go, bluemopheads...

A rip off of from one of my favorite books. Get it? I thought I'd come back today because it is bluemophead's two-year anniversary!

Here's my mia story + pics:

Chapter 1: Diary of a tennis tournament mom. In late July, My son's 10U tennis team went to the state finals in Macon, GA. Major nail biter. Three brutally hot days in Macon. Lots of sweat and really bad hair days. The team was robbed and lost by one measly point. Major disappointment, but the kids took second place with grace and poise. The parents and coaches couldn't have been any prouder.

Chapter 2: Sea Island bliss. Stopped at Sea Island on the way home from Macon for a short respite. More details to come.

{We actually stayed at the beach club, but popped into the cloister lobby for cookies and lemonade in the afternoons.}


{Cloister grounds -- so pretty}

Chapter 3: School starts. Everyone's happy, especially me. Yay!

Chapter 4: Puppy love. We welcomed with love our adorable new puppy "Rory." Named by my son after Rory McIlroy. She's a girl, but we all liked the name. It's unisex, e.g., Rory Kennedy.

 {Welcome home Rory!}

 {Rory's brother George lives down the street. They are BFFs.}

{It's best to let sleeping dogs lie.}

{Puppies are a lot of work. They get really dirty.}

Chapter 4: Daycation at the Four Seasons. After much scheduling difficulty expertly handled by Elizabeth F., some Decatur moms and I went to the Four Seasons for a long overdue beginning-of-the-school-year celebration. Some were getting braced for fall break staycations with their charming children.

                                                  {Between services relaxation room.}

While I was getting ready for...

Chapter 5: Rosemary Beach bliss. We spent another delightful fall break week in Rosemary Beach eating, drinking visiting with other Decatur families and getting my tennis game back on.

{Ahhhh -- sunset on 30A. Love.}

Chapter 6: The three plagues. The Jewish high holiday season is not a good time of year for me. As some of you may recall, I tore my ACL playing tennis last year on Rosh Hashanah. First plague. This year, I came down with shingles on Yom Kippur. After working my butt off rehabbing my knee, I couldn't play the one match I was scheduled to play during the ALTA fall season. Second plague. Our house was infested with fruit flies, because I left some apples out for too long after Rosh Hashanah. Some home remedies if this should happen to you. Apple cider vinegar works wonders. Third plague. The week before the USTA season training begins, I break my finger playing football with my son. The orthopedist says it's "a fairly significant injury." Best case scenario, I'll be in a splint for 6 weeks. Worst case, surgery. Divine intervention or shiksa curse? I believe it's a curse.

Footnote: Shingles is not just for old people. I've talked to people who have had them in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s. Get up to speed on the symptoms, and get the vaccine if you can.

The End.

P.S. I'll be back very soon. In the meantime, you can find me most days on instagram.

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