Diary of a swim team mom: chapter 2

"I believe" was the resounding theme throughout this summer's major sporting events -- The World Cup, Wimbledon and the 2014 Country Club Swim League of Atlanta Championship Meet. If you remember my post from last summer, swim season is an exciting and nerve racking few months. This year was no different -- a roller coaster of emotions that ran high and low. Kind of like parenting.

For the first time, I felt like I was getting into the swing of things. I managed to keep my volunteer schedule straight, and arrived on time in my green T-shirt to show team spirit. I was assigned to the 10U boys bullpen for all three of my shifts. Working the bullpen (what Mrs. Coach Chronicles calls The Seventh Circle of Hell) can be challenging. Thirteen well-behaved boys made the job manageable. With the exception of one fight that resulted in some pushing and knocking over an entire multi-gallon water cooler early in the season, things went rather swimmingly (pun intended). Most of the boys sat quietly reading comic books. One even took a little siesta between his events. This freed up us moms to make several trips to the bar and back without missing a beat. All the while we were thanking our lucky stars that we weren't managing the 35 girls in the 10U pen next to us. Those moms were probably packing Xanax. The icing on the cake: there we no rain outs or delays the entire season!

This is what I consider role model bullpen behavior…

{hands to themselves (very important) while quietly reading, snacking and sharing}

I knew it was all too good to be true. Right before our last and biggest meet against our rivals "the sharks," Mophead Jr.'s ear started to hurt. He was diagnosed with a perforated ear drum. Ugh. The doctor told us that he wouldn't recommend swimming unless it was important. Needless to say, this meet was important. Armed with several kinds of ear plugs, as well as a multi-colored pack of Silly Putty, and layers of swim caps, he was determined to swim. He pulled out of some of his usual events before the meet just to be on the safe side.

As the 10U relay boys were huddled together chanting "I believe that we can win," my heartstrings started to tug. My gut told me that those four boys would swim the relays at the championship meet. The night ended in a glorious victory for the dolphins over the sharks -- the first in well over a decade. And, an undefeated season to boot. My night ended in a heart-wrenching scene. I'm usually resilient to getting caught up in children's sporting event drama. After all, these kids are 10 and supposed to be having fun, right? While I was extremely proud of my son, I ended up crying and had to leave the meet. Not one of my finest parenting moments.

Back on a high note. After a lot of hard work and effort all season, Mophead Jr. earned a spot on the championship team. Rigorous practice went into full swing. You can find the detailed schedule in chapter 1 of my diary. The heat sheet came out a few days later. He was the alternate again. Kind of a bummer. Did I want to see him dive off the block into the Olympic pool? Yes. But, when it comes down to it, all dolphin swimmers proved to be champions.

Because we weren't hosting the meet this year, I didn't have to volunteer. Yay. I was free to relax and watch the parade -- my favorite part. The meet was exciting. We were ahead and behind by small margins throughout until the dolphins rocked it in the final relays. Winners yet again!

Before I forget, some major perks come along with being an alternate. Who wouldn't want to dress to the nines in green bling with a plastic megaphone in hand to cheer on your team?

The season ended with the customary swim team banquet. It was another great year.

Once again, I was in awe of how hard the parents, volunteers, committee members and coaches (many unpaid) worked to make this happen. To our kids who swam their tails off, I'd like to share these pearls of wisdom:

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.
        -- David Frost

For 2015, I believe the dolphins will reign as club champions. I believe my family will have an injury-free season. Finally, I believe that I will be able to swim 25 yards of butterfly with some semblance of grace and form.

Stay tuned for chapter 3. Until then…

Go dolphins!

Stitch Fix: take 2

Having been disappointed with my first Stitch Fix, I had high hopes for no. 2. My hopes were dashed as soon as I opened the box. As luck would have it, I received my fix the day I was hosting book club, so I got some good feedback.

Before I show you what I received, let's go over some specifications from my style profile and feedback from my last fix:

-- no v-necks
-- steer clear of the color gray -- probably the worst color possible for me
-- no skinny jeans

Now let's take a look at what my stylist -- Jemma -- pulled together for me…

1) Margaret Elizabeth Esme Teardrop blue stone bezel necklace -- $98. This is the same necklace with the "druzy" stone. Cute, but no thanks for $98. Margaret Elizabeth has some teardrop bangles I like better.

2) Mavi "Freida" Skinny Jean -- $118. You can find the same jeans under the name "Alexa" in a lighter wash at Nordstrom.

I was really annoyed about the skinnies given I asked them not to send any. My book club friends insisted, so I tried them. The jeans fit nicely -- except for the length -- and were super comfy. They were a tad long and gathered at the knees. Not becoming. That said, if it were boot-wearing season, I would have considered keeping them to wear with knee-high boots. Given the amount of stretch, these are not jeans, they are jeggings in my opinion. Like leggings, jeggings are not pants. They are meant to be worn covered to at least below the hip.

While we're on the subject, what are your thoughts on wearing skinnies over age 40? My thoughts: if you rock them, wear them. If not, don't. If you're unsure, follow Stacy London's advice

3) Pomelo Indianan Abstract Chevron print mixed material tee -- $44.

This top is so hideous that I didn't even try it on. The look of disgust on Elizabeth F's face reinforced my opinion. Not only is it ugly, the sleeve length does not suit me, and gray is a no-no color for me. Hate it.


{my style profile calls for fitted, not tight tops. and, not boxy}


4) Tart Collections "Deena" abstract print belted wrap dress -- $68.

In her letter, Jemma said "she tried to avoid horizontal stripes, v-necks and sleeveless, but I think you'll love the "Deena" dress." Jemma, this makes me sad. Hate it.

My friend Debby who loves wrap dresses and looks great in v-necks tried on "Deena." She said it was way too short for her. Skip it if you don't love your legs. I do like the color (navy), pattern and fabric.

5) Tart Collections "Daryn" floral print jersey top.

This top, also by Tart, is pretty cute. I like the pattern and the fabric is super soft, And, pink is my favorite color. I could pull off the sleeve, but not the scooped back. Although it isn't deep (hard to see in photos), it is low enough that most bra straps show. It has a shelf bra inside that might be enough support for an A-cup. Otherwise pointless.



I like the fabric and prints of the Tart pieces, so I did some research on the brand. I found a dress in the same pattern as "Daryn," a cute coral striped maxi skirt and a tank geo maxi dress on amazon.com. You can check them out on my Pinterest board.

Anyone else gotten a recent fix -- good or bad?

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