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Do you all know about Stitch Fix? It's the same concept as Birchbox. Instead of a beauty products, you receive clothing and accessories. Here's how it works:

You create a fashion profile for yourself by viewing fashion boards and answering questionnaires online. Questions go from broad to very specific, and give you the opportunity to request or reject certain items or styles. You can also specify your price range. Most items average $65.

You pay a $20 styling fee to receive five items hand picked by a Stitch Fix stylist.

You have exactly three days to try them on, make an online purchase or return items. The more you buy, the less you spend. If you buy all five you get a 25% discount. The $20 styling fee goes toward your next fix.

I decided to try the service based on several positive reports from friends. Plus, I loathe clothes shopping. I was a bit worried, because I'm a chronic returner. My rejects tend to sit around my house for weeks, sometimes months on end. Three days was really pushing it for me.

It took about a month to receive my first fix. It arrived May 2 -- exactly as promised. Your fix includes a note from your stylist about your items, as well as styling cards showing you different ways to wear them day and night. And, how to mix and match with what you already have in your closet.

Before I show you what I got, I'll share a few preferences I provided in my online profile. No horizontal stripes. No v-necks. Nothing sleeveless. Hem lines either above the knee or maxi style.

Let's take a look at my fix:

1) Margaret Elizabeth 'eliza drruzy' stud earrings. Cute and versatile, but returned. I like Margaret Elizabeth jewelry. Just not in the mood to buy right now.

2) Donna Morgan 'peggy' mix print faux wrap dress. Really cute. Nice colors -- pink is my fave. But, v-neck and horizontal pattern, especially unflattering in shoulder area on me. Returned.

3) Toss 'cassy' ruffle trim chevron cotton tank (See polyvore for actual style card I received). Love the colors. Sleeveless and horizontal stripes. The collar is a bit clownish. I did ask for tops that hide my muffin top, but this is more like a maternity top. Returned.

4 &  5) Lily poppie geo print swing skirt (that hits just below the knee) and Eight Sixty 'jana' floral print cross-front knit top. My stylist Shuchi recommended styling these two pieces together for the perfect print-on-print look. What did she not understand about my hem line instructions? Skirt returned. I decided to keep the top because it is really comfy and looks good with white jeans -- a staple of my summer wardrobe.

{the shirt is black the skirt is navy. would you wear these two pieces together?}

I plan to provide Stitch Fit with detailed feedback, and give them another try. The more direction you give, the better they are at finding clothes you love. We shall see.

Has anyone else had a fix? Fab or flop? How many items did you keep?


  1. I like the earrings, I would never wear those last two pieces together, how do stylists even think of these combinations?! I had a similar experience the first time using a personal shopper at Nordstrom. I wondered if she had even looked at all those questions I'd answered in order to help her make good choices for me, didn't she know I was looking for pants, or that I am blonde with blue eyes (the colors of the tops and scarves she'd pulled for me were terrible)?! But she quickly got on board and now makes much better suggestions, hopefully your stylist will too.

  2. Oh Maureen…what an endless trying on and returning cycle! Yes, I'm sure the more detailed instructions and likes that you give them, the better it is…but it doesn't seem worth it to me! I've thought about Birchbox: seems much simpler than this! Also, I love to clothes shop both in store and on line. No problem there!!!
    I wanted to ask you something totally different: do you garden? I ask for a reason, but just let me know, ok? Do you have a garden now> You're in Atlanta area, right?

    1. Hi Libby,

      Yes, I do live in Atlanta and I do garden. I've been writing about flowers and my garden recently on Wednesdays. I'll leave a message on your blog.


  3. I love my Stitch Fixes. I think I keep on average, 2 items per box. I kept three tops from my last box. The more you do it, the better the boxes get, but I did have an awful box 2 months ago and sent everything back. They have redeemed themselves. I get such a rush getting the box delivered to my door - and I love the style cards.

    I have requested mostly tops - and have been happy with the price point, style, and prints. They sent me some earrings last month that I did not care of, but my sister loved - made shopping for her birthday easy! I also have a few friends at work that get boxes the same time I do - and we compare/swap clothing if she has something in her box that I want and she doesn't.

    It's fun - and worst case, you are just out $20. Hope your box next month is better!

  4. This is Jill!--Oh how funny! I got that EXACT same Lily skirt! And I LOVE IT! I would never put that top with it- although any staffer at Anthropologie would. I wore mine with a tealish J Crew 3/4 sleeve cotton summer sweater and big blue bead necklace. I also got a very cool green/blue multi color paisley tank that I love. Next Fix comes on June 25. Angie and I are timing our fixes together to have a Fix party... :-)

    1. I liked the pattern and fabric -- super soft & comfy -- of the skirt. It was not a good length for me.

  5. I just heard about Stitch Fix a few weeks ago and was really curious about it. This was such a great way for me to get the straight scoop. Sorry, I would never wear that skirt and top together--Weird! Please let us know how your next box turns out. I'll live vicariously through you for now :)


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