Mint julep...

Still haven't decided what I'm wearing to our neighbor's annual Derby party tomorrow. I did some hat shopping at Kudzu this week. Has anyone ever tried on vintage hats? Maybe your grandmother's? Women in the 40's and 50's must have had pin heads. I have a small head. Not a single one fit. So disappointing, because they are so beautiful and come with the original hat boxes.

In any event, I'm looking forward to having an icy cold mint julep in hand tomorrow at 5 o'clock. I covered the history of the cocktail last year, as well as a list of recommended bourbons at different price points. Whichever recipe you use, the basic ingredients are: bourbon, sugar or simple syrup, fresh mint and crushed ice.

Many recipes and images passed my computer screen this week. A few that caught my eye.

From one of my new favorite blogs -- food52. Mailiano bar manager Erik Lombardo's classic recipe.

Mint Julep
{photo image: food 52}

Classic with a twist -- pineapple puree -- from how sweet it is.
pineapple mint juleps I
{photo image: how sweet it is}

Happy Derby Day!

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  1. I'll be trying to make one this year. I'm sure that will go well. Bwahahaha.


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