21 day organization challenge

Not surprisingly, my 30-minute-a-day cleaning regimen is not going well. I am transitioning to getting my house organized. It's a good thing Holiday Sparkle has already planned it out for me. Love this.

In addition to the plan, there is a check list to keep you honest.

I have checked numbers 6-7 off my list. This weekend, I plan to tackle the basement, which is a huge undertaking. Could take weeks.

If you have garage organizing on your list, hop on over to Simplified Bee for a Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems giveaway and discount.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Handbag (#5) is the hardest one for me, mostly because I have too many. I need to organize all the ones I have before I tackle the ones I use. (And yes, that's more than one handbag on a day to day basis. I like to use one for when I have kids with me and another for when they're not and a small one for trips to the Y. This is probably a problem!!!)

  2. Sorry your cleaning regimen didn't go so well... but that's why you get a cleaning service, right? ;-) The organization challenge sounds great in theory, but I must say I was exhausted by 10 or 11. Let me know how it goes, I am rooting for you! (But probably taking it drawer-by-drawer over here.)


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