One table, two ways

I'm officially back. Did you miss me? Before I kick 2012 to the curb, here's a quick chronicle of my holiday parties.

Hanukkah party 2012. See how I put all my Wisteria coastal Hanukkah decor to work. 
Photos by Alisa.

That crooked candle is really bugging me.

DEF annual ladies lunch. Many thanks to those of you who came and supported the Foundation. Same flowers, different food, switched out DIY burlap tablecloth. 
Photos by Kathryn.

How were your holiday parties? Did you use or gift any of my favorite things?


  1. Darn! Wish I'd noticed the crooked candle! :)

  2. You've been missed!! All looked so lovely & I loved the stacked donuts a personal fave of mine. I'm not sure what this says about me, but the one favorite thing I used was Barkeeper's Friend.

  3. They both look beautiful. Sorry to have missed the DEF luncheon.


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