Fat tuesday...

Happy Mardi Gras!

Some fun facts to wow your friends:
  •  "Gras" is french for fat and "Mardi" is french for Tuesday. 
  • Is a legal holiday in New Orleans.
  • Has been an annual event in New Orleans for two centuries except for the two World Wars.
  • Brings in $840 million in revenue for the city alone.
  • Occurs 46 days before Easter.
  • The official mardi gras colors purple (justice), green (faith) & gold (power).
  • "King" cakes represent the three wise men (kings) who brought gifts to the Christ child. A plastic baby is baked inside the cake. Whoever gets it is king and must buy the next round of cakes. 750,000 king cakes are sold in New Orleans every year.
  • Throws are the inexpensive trinkets thrown from floats. The first throw took place in 1871.
  • The Krewe of Zulu is a parade of mostly African Americans with black painted faces wearing hula skirts. The parade is one of the most famous and well attended. Thousands come to watch and try to catch one of the Zulu's famous painted coconuts.
Speaking of. The Imperial parade in Oakhurst was lots of fun.

Kids floats...
{love our neighbor's craw fish}

Costumes and beads...
 {cool bracelet}


And, spectators…
 {too cute!}

I have been eating Girl Scout cookies with reckless abandon for two weeks. Thank goodness they're all gone. If you haven't already indulged, you have until the stroke of midnight to squeeze in some gluttony, revelry and debauchery. King Cakes for sale at Publix. Go get one.

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