Burgers & moonshine...

Last Saturday, we went with our friends to Stillhouse in Buckhead for craft burgers and moonshine. We wouldn't normally go to Buckhead to eat, but Mr. K bought a Groupon and he knew I've been working on a burger wars blog post. I happily accepted the invitation.

What's a craft burger you ask? I was wondering the same thing. Stillhouse describes its menu as "the ultimate burger experience." In other words, a bunch of fancy burgers. As for the moonshine, it's definitely different and an acquired taste IMO. Try to imagine what unaged white whiskey might taste like, because that's what it is. Just so you know, Stillhouse uses all of the moonshines available in Georgia. And, some barrel aged as well (for at least one month).

I mentioned to my Sunday morning walking partner that I had a few moonshine cocktails the night before. "Isn't moonshine illegal?" she asked. Good question. My research found that moonshine aka "outlaw hooch" is big business. It is now government regulated and widely available. Even at Walmart. No big surprise. Tennessee took the lead and has cornered most of the the market. Not a surprise either. According to an article in Time, moonshine has become so popular that major US distilleries are experimenting with it. Seems everyone wants in on the action, including Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

Stillhouse offers a variety of craft burgers: beef, pork, veggie, seafood (crab cakes or oysters) and duck. Overwhelming. We all agreed that a real burger is made with beef, unless you're a vegetarian or pescatarian, of course.

Let's start with the cocktails. I immediately went for the Carolina Mule -- a southern twist on the Moscow mule made with Carolina moonshine. Meh. The best mules are made with house-made ginger beer, which they didn't have. My fellow dinners enjoyed the Southern Bramble (blackberry cocktail) and Blood Red Moon Margaritas.

As you can see, the space is very dark. Horrible lighting for food porn.

{giant ginger slice garnish on my mule}

The menu in general has southern flare. All burgers are two patties. You're out of luck if you like your burgers big and juicy on the rare side. I went with the basic. It was good, but the meager amount of cheese was melted on the bun, not the burger. Otherwise pretty tasty.

 {basic burger}

{Augusta burger -- pimento cheese, BBQ sauce, pickles, pulled pork BBQ & slaw}

{southern burger -- sweet BBQ, grilled pineapple, gouda, collard greens & country bacon}

Sides also lean toward the South.

deviled eggs…

mac & cheese…

and the piece de resistance...

North Carolina gouda cheese smothered fries. Delish! I'm gonna have to get me some of that North Carolina gouda as you southerners would say. Anyone know where to source it locally?

If for nothing else, I would go back for some outlaw hooch and the cheese fries, and I'm not really a fries girl.

Overall, a good place for fancy burgers and moonshine cocktails. Middle-aged patrons should show up early and skedaddle before 9:00 when the hipsters start to arrive. Live music begins at 10:00. Otherwise, you'll feel really old and wonder why you're in Buckhead on a Saturday night.

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  1. This southern girl does not, under any circumstance, ever say I'm gonna have to get me some whatever. Otherwise you are spot on. And now that I think about it, I really am gonna have to get me some of that NC Gouda. If I do, will you make the fries?


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