No, not the invasive climber that has overtaken most of the south. I'm talking about my favorite antiques market located right here Indie-Catur. Atlanta Magazine recently listed Kudzu as one of the seven favorite antique destinations in and OTP named by some local interior designers, including  Sherry Hart. Her blog Design Indulgence is one of my faves.

Except for an occasional trip to Scott Antique Market, it's highly unlikely that I would wander OTP for home goods or anything else for that matter. Sherry says that she shops at antique markets for her clients because you can't get that "curated look" from stores like Home Goods. So true. Reminds me of a trip my friend Allison and I took to Kudzu last fall. Allison was looking for some mid-century cocktail glasses. She didn't find any, but we did spot some fabulous finds.

Take this vignette for example. Your accessories don't have to match the sofa. That's for sure. And you certainly could not curate this gallery wall with items from Target.

Let's break it down. Remember the Sesame Street song "One of these things is unlike the other?"

{Note: The bloody heart is three-dimensional with a real butter knife running through it.}

None of these things belong together. None of these things are kind of the same. Can you guess which ones don't belong here? Now it's time for you to play the game. Can anyone take a stab (no pun intended) at what the common theme might be here?

This eclectic collection can be found in the Cottage Cheese booth. I'm guessing the curators might smoke some weed for inspiration.

Cottage Cheese is a must visit. This was our absolute favorite find. Perfect for your kitchen or office break room. Or you could just keep it in your desk drawer and flash it next time your boss asks you to make a Starbucks run. The "shut up" sign can be yours for just $27 -- that is if it's still there.

I have lots more to show you from Kudzu, including the perfect gifts for any occasion. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you're in the market for an authentic Shriner's fez, you're in luck. Or you could buy the knock-off at Cottage Cheese and have it monogrammed.

{Allison makes a pretty cute Shriner personal aide, doesn't she?}

p.s. Rumor has it that a head shop is opening Indie-Catur. Might be seeing more "legalize it" signs around town soon.


  1. I think I might have to get a Shriner's fez. It reminds me about taking the Georgia Bar classes at the Yaarab Shriner's Temple on Ponce. I had no idea that you could find them at Kudzu, but somehow I'm not surprised. I do love Kudzu, too!

  2. We had so much fun! Wanna go next week- I am in the mood for some great antiques served with a side of levity!


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