Double-Wide IPA

I'm a beer drinker, especially during the summer. It's refreshing and doesn't give me a headache like some wines do. My brother-in-law picked up a bottle of Double-Wide IPA for our Christmas pre-dinner last year. I had to laugh when I saw the label. In my days as a young single professional, my DC friends and I rented a house in Dewey Beach every summer. One year we nicknamed our house "the doublewide" because it looked like a trailer. I have many fond memories of our weekends at the doublewide. We were definitely not drinking craft beer back then at the Starboard. Just to give you a flavor of the ambiance there...

{photo via the Starboard Web site. things have not changed much}

Double-Wide IPA gets 89 points from Beer Advocate. Its hops are advertised to "rip the roof off" your doublewide. Not too hoppy for me, and it has a nice citrus flavor. Next time I pour myself a glass, I'll be thinking about my Dewey Beach friends.


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