Sprinkles cupcakes...

This may be old news for some of you, but Sprinkles is open at Lenox Mall. I've already had occasion to sample the goods. Remember my red velvet cupcake wars when I was in DC last year?

Well, Sprinkles signature red velvet is my fave of the cupcakes I've sampled there so far. They also have red velvet cupcake ice cream that is pretty tasty.

 {cupcakes for my son's birthday}

A few things you may not know about Sprinkles. They have curb-side pickup for advance orders. And, these adorable cupcake boxes.

{three vanilla, three chocolate & three red velvet}

Some other helpful info:
Skip the chocolate butter cream frosting if you like a rich, dark chocolate ganache. I didn't
really care for the chocolate cake either.
Sprinkles does not have rainbow sprinkles. Gasp! If your little birthday girl or boy wants them,
you'll have to go elsewhere. I know mine was disappointed.
If you or your dog need a quick pick me up on the go, stop by the cupcake ATM located on the       bakery's patio.

In other cupcake news…

Georgetown Cupcake is coming to Buckhead soon.

Have a sweet weekend!

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