The One Sushi...

Last week, we ventured OCD (outside the City of Decatur) for dinner at The One Sushi in Brookhaven. I heard it was good, and I've been wanting to check out the strip of shops and restaurants on Dresden Drive. We were not disappointed.

Welcome. Come on in.

Although we made a reservation for 6:30, we could have walked in. The interior is sleek with lots of colorful abstract art.

 {I spy someone texting at the bar}

Sushi bar...

Let's start with drinks. They offer an exhaustive selection of wine, bubbles, Japanese and domestic beers, premium sakes, ginjo (super premium sake), modern cocktails and a separate "mule bar" menu. A few examples -- the "London mule" made with Miller's gin, Tennessee mule made with Jack Daniels, Japanese with sake, and so on. I was surprised there was no house-made ginger beer given the extensive list. I went with my usual -- the Moscow -- which was good for $7. Adding fresh ginger beer  to the "mule bar" would definitely kick it up a notch.

The grapefruit martini is fab. Pretty too. I would definitely order again.

On to food. The menu is huge, but we were able to navigate it with our server's help.

To start, the seaweed salad. Good for a few bites. But, too pungent to want any more than that.

Everything else was rich and delicious…

{miso duck breast nigiri}

 {Misoyaki Japanese black cod -- beautiful presentation}

{"Pandora 14" -- lump crab, masago, avocado and BBQ eel -- Osaka style (square rolls)}

{"Sex and the City 13" -- spicy tuna, mango, cashew nut, avocado and tobiko (fish roe)}

A feast for the eyes and palette, we'll go back for sure. Next time with a big group of people to eat family style. Great place for girls night out!

Opens at 5:00 pm for dinner every night with daily happy hour specials.

Have a good weekend!

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