Positively purple

Several weeks ago my friend Jill (you know, the bookworm) organized an outing at the Margaret Mitchell House to hear Gretchen Rubin talk about her new book Happier at Home.

One of her 13 tips for being happy in your new home: Every room should include something purple. Interesting. 

Curious, I skimmed through Jill’s copy to find out why. Nada. But, I did hone in on this:
My happiness depended a great deal on my inner attitudes (the inward-reflection, rather than the shelter-magazine, brand of interior design).
Gasp! Call me shallow, but much of my happiness comes from reading and flipping through shelter magazines. I’ve got stacks and stacks to prove it. Not surprisingly, the purple tip was the most controversial on the Happiness Project Blog. I won't bore you with the details, but most commenters -- like me -- just didn't get it. They no doubt read shelter magazines too.

After many more Google searches bingo! Gretchen admits during a speaking engagement that she was "just being whimsical.” Gretchen, you are such a nut. Okay, glad I solved that mystery.

Still curious, I researched color psychology for interiors. Briefly:
Purple is the color of creativity, and off-the-beaten track thinking. It is associated culturally with wealth, and royalty, with an exotic connection. It denotes active imaginations, deep thoughts, and high ideals.
I wear purple a lot, especially when I'm feeling regal. Admittedly, I have no purple in my home. But I’d consider adding just a touch.
via Design Sponge.
Does purple make you happy?


  1. When my sister and I lived together we had a purple couch that we called our scratch-n-sniff couch (like if you scratched and sniffed it, it would smell like grapes). At this time, I don't have anything purple in my house, but I do have a monkey lamp which I loved for being whimsical. I do *get* that idea.

  2. Purple is my favorite color and I do have purple in a lot of my rooms. Glad to know I was doing something right!

  3. Thank you for posting this... I was curious too about why she added this tip.


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