Cakes & Ale give away take 2

Just wanted to follow up on my C&A giveaway. It has come to my attention that many readers are unable to leave comments on the post. Don't worry, you still have plenty of time to participate.

You may enter comments on the original post or at the end of this post. If your comments are rejected, you can try to send them from your gmail account. If all else fails, send your entry directly to me via email:

Keep your eye on the prizea holiday cookie box and bag of Counter Culture Coffee valued at $25.

There has also been some confusion about the rules. (This might explain why I didn't go to law school.)

Below are the revised rules. I hope they are crystal clear.
  1. You must be a subscriber. Let me say that again, you must be a bluemopheads subscriber.
  2. Send the post to all of your friends asking them to subscribe. I'll know that they have because my readership will skyrocket, and I'll get a ton of comments that say: "I just subscribed to your awesome blog. I can't wait to read the next riveting post!"
  3. You and/or your friends visit the bakery or restaurant. You and/or your friends report back here in the comments section and tell me about your favorite C&A things. For example: "The bread at the bakery is to die for. It reminds me of the bread I ate in Paris last summer." If you are a loyal patron, I will cut you some slack. Just leave a comment describing what keeps you coming back for more.
  4. Only those who comment will be entered. Brownie points if you mention that you read about the the bakery on my blog when you visit.
  5. The winner will be chosen by 
Just to be fair, the people who have already entered correctly will be entered twice. 

The deadline is this Friday, November 16. Don't delay. Act now!


  1. Hello Maureen, great blog! I love the C&A bakery for lots of things: their grain bowl, the to-die-for cookies and croissants, their coffee, but most of all the ambiance. I might as well be sitting in a cafe in Paris, or Brussels, or London. Feels homely to a European is all.

  2. Hi "Maureen"....if that's your real name! Just kidding and great blog! Susannah directed me your way. As far as C&A goes, food is great but, for me, it's the coffee! After a Saturday run, I skip the water and go straight for the caffeine. Not sure if that's recommended by trainers but it works for me! Best coffee in the Dec!

  3. Hey! I just subscribed to your blog and am loving catching up. Cakes and Ale does not only have the best food, but it's also where we just had our family holiday pictures taken. It's so continental looking out front - no one will guess it's the ATL.


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