Politically Correct

No, this post is not about the election. Rather, it’s a short commentary on some of the politically correct (PC) lingo I’ve been compiling from my kids’ schools. I don’t know what’s going on in other schools, but do tell if you have any juicy examples to share.

Let's start with parties. The word "party" has been deleted from the school dictionary. Events that mark the end of a successful student (aka "crew member") project are now called “learning celebrations.” Here’s a facebook post from my 4th grader’s witty teacher Mr. G. (he totally rocks btw):
 FYI, I would shy away from holiday specific celebrations due to the diversity of our school. The PC terms are "Winter Celebration," "Fall Break," etc. We would like to promote a general celebration that all can participate in, and keep the specific ones for our close family/friends in a more appropriate setting. Irony: I make this PC disclaimer post while asking about birthday celebration contributions, many people do not celebrate those either. New PC birthday term "Monthly Momentous Moments (MMM): A day to be thankful of time past, and look to the future to come" Hallmark ;o).
Love it! I told you he rocks.

I had the opportunity to attend my son’s MMM celebration. It was on Halloween, but there was no mention of the holiday. Celebrating Halloween is simply not PC. While I was waiting for the kids to return from recess, I took a stroll around the school. What do you think happens in this room? Looks like it could be the set for a reality TV show. Just kidding, of course.
Moving on. When the kids returned they started talking about which movie they wanted to watch during the MMM. Some kids wanted to watch BeettleJuice, but then one boy announced that it included the “f-word.” I’m pretty positive that using the f-word at school is not only uncool, it's not PC.

BeettleJuice, was nixed because it contains inappropriate language. Bummer. I'm probably dating myself, but I loved that movie. What a star-studded cast via 1988!

Enough said. Don't forget to vote.


  1. I hope that one of my kids get that teacher. At least he gets it! Hope everyone in your house gets well soon.

  2. Love mr g!

    A came home talking about the f word the other day - maybe this is why?? But she thinks it is f*rt, which is my least fav word EVER and the reason I never took German


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