An eye for an eye, a shoe for a shoe

So I know TOMS shoes have gone way beyond the tipping point because I'm seeing them on everyone -- young and old alike -- everywhere I go. Not being a seasoned retail shopper, I rely on catalogs to stay abreast of current trends. While I was sorting and recycling my stack the other day, the TOMS "Give Joy" holiday catalog caught my eye. I knew by the way it felt that it was made of recycled paper. You already know about my paper fetish. I'm also a recycling enthusiast. Intrigued, I decided to give TOMS a look.

Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS in 2006. He is the Chief Shoe Giver (love that title!), and the mastermind behind One for One (OFO), which has turned into a global movement. For every pair of TOMS shoes sold, the company gives a pair to a child in need – over 2 million pairs in 50 countries worldwide to date. Last year, the company expanded the program to include eyewear, providing visually impaired people with the gift of site.

How it Works infographic
an eye for an eye
While supplies last, TOMS is giving Blake's book Start Something That Matters with all orders during this holiday season. Enjoy free shipping too until December 31. 

If you own a pair of TOMS, did you know that a child in a far-away land is wearing a pair because of you? I'm buying some this weekend!

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