Million Dollar Decorators episode 1 recap

Million Dollar Decorators

Who watched MDD last Tuesday? Of course I did. The episode focused primarily on Mary and Martin. Mary worked on Margie Perenchio's -- artist and LA Art House gallery owner -- Bel Air guest house redo. Margie used her privilege -- at exorbitant expense --  to change her mind during the installation process. There were some hilarious scenes during which Margie allowed her "freaky" rescue dog Monty to weigh in on last-minute decisions. You had to watch to appreciate the humor.

Speaking of Mary, One Kings Lane featured a Mary Mcdonald Tastemaker's Tag Sale on Saturday. Did anyone shop it?

Meanwhile, Martin was in the Big Apple working on a sexy 70's dining room makeover (hated it, especially the black patent leather curtains) for Tamara Mellon -- the former Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Jimmy Choo -- and a hip teen bedroom for daughter Minty. Martin ran into a few snags installing a 3,000 lb. custom marble table he had commissioned for the room. The table itself was $50K. On top of that, he had to get NYC permits -- not an easy task -- to block off city streets, and hire a crane service for $10K to hoist the crated table up and over Tamara's balcony. I guess the cost was a drop in the bucket for Tamara who received a $135 million payout when she ditched Jimmy Choo last year. Much of Martin's highly affected dialogue was beeped over during the ordeal. Tamara and Minty returned home giddy with excitement when they saw the transformation. All's well that ends well for a million dollar decorator.

You can see the before and after photos of both projects on Bravo.

Jeffrey and Ross made a cameo appearance drinking wine in their cellar. As did Kathryn and her brazen and hysterical housekeeper Jacqueline wine tasting in the Ojai Valley. Jacqueline has become my favorite character.

Be sure to tune in tonight for more antics at 10:00 on Bravo.

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