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I managed to stay awake last night for the entire ceremony. I don't know why they continue to torture us with mostly lame entertainment until the last hour. I did enjoy the musical performances. Did anyone else think John Travolta looked freaky? In the end, it was well worth the wait to see Ben Affleck take the best picture Oscar for Argo --  my favorite movie of the year.

Picking my best dressed was more complicated than expected. Many of the dresses were gorgeous, but some had more embellishment than needed. Remember, less is more in my book.

Let's start with Jennifer Lawrence. Her dress was fab, but it could have done with less skirt. Perhaps that's why she fell on the stairs en route to receive her well-deserved Oscar for Best Actress. Today's Hollywood ladies would never have survived at Tara. On the flip side, Scarlett would never have dreamed of giving the press the finger as Jennifer did back stage in the press room. It's no wonder Adele made it up to the podium in one piece. She reported her Burberry gown weighed 15 kilos (33.01 pounds).

jennifer lawrence starving oscars

Charlize Theron topped my list. Simple perfection in Dior. Extra points for having recently celebrated her collaboration with Toms shoes for their African Outreach Project. Love Toms!

charlize theron hair

Gold, silver and gun metal gowns populated the red carpet, as well as the White House. Loved Michelle's frock, but the bangs have got to go. 

I had a really hard time picking the best in this color scheme. After much deliberation George Clooney's latest arm candy Stacy Keibler won my heart.

george clooney stacy keibler oscars 2013

Back in the pink category. Anne Hathaway looked beautiful, but the prominent darts up top ruined the dress for me. Loved her hair, makeup and Tiffany bling.

anne hathaway oscar dress 2013

The fashion police were not pleased with Jennifer Anniston's look saying she needed a more sophisticated do and more bling. How much more do you need when you're sporting this rock? I loved her red Valentino gown.

jennifer aniston oscar dress 2013

Pretty in purple, Jennifer Garner's dress stood out in the crowd. The ruffle in the back was a bit too much for my taste. 

jennifer garner oscar dress 2013

So there you have it. What were your faves?

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  1. I liked Sandra Bullock's dress. Random, I know, but it was totally age appropriate and pretty. I also liked JLaw's and Charlize. I did not like Anne's, especially from the back. Jennifer Aniston's dress is pretty, but I wish she did something different with her hair. I am very impressed that you stayed up to watch the whole thing!

  2. I loved Jennifer Anniston. Great color - she looked great.
    I really liked Naomi Watts but I see you didn't comment on her. What did you think of hers?
    What did you think of Halle Berry? It was a cool dress but somehow I thought she looked old in it.
    And I liked Helen Hunt. I loved that color and it was just simple.
    I know there were more - I'd have to look at pics to remember so I'm feeling like they were overall forgettable.

    Didn't like Anne Hathway at all - darts and the dress looked wrinkled but I do like her and her short hair. Not too much Reese Witherspoon either. Biggest dud - Kristin Stewart! What is wrong with that girl? She has some serious issues - just plain old blah!! Awkward.

    Overall it was a little dull but I DO LOVE THE OSCARS. Ben Affleck had a nice speech but the speeches were even a little dull. DDL was pretty funny. And what was up with that orchestra playing loud ominous Steven Spielberg songs - Jaws? Really?

    1. I thought Naomi looked beautiful. The dress would have been perfect sans the cut out.

  3. I love going to the comments and the first thing I see is "I thought Naomi looked beautiful." - just going to pretend you were referring to me.

    Did you see this: http://www.peoplestylewatch.com/people/stylewatch/package/article/0,,20658247_20677487,00.html. I think she should have gone with the Valentino.


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