Why can't we be friends?

Dog and cat are best friends
Image: LA Times
Remember the 70's hit song by the band War "Why Can't We Be Friends?" (I'm dating myself again.)  It reminds me of the ongoing war between cat and dog people.

My friend Missy and I were recently discussing pets. I am a dog person. Dare I say it: I loathe cats. I’m allergic to them, and those that I’ve been around are skittish and/or downright mean. I'm sure there are some exceptions.

Any discussion among pet owners is bound to reveal clearly whether you are a dog or cat person. Like me, some people’s feelings can be pretty intense.

An Associated Press/Petside.com poll found that: 
  • There are more dog people out there – 74% said they like dogs a lot, while only 41% like cats a lot.
  • Cats appear to be much easier to hate: 15% said they disliked cats a lot, while only 2% said they disliked dogs a lot.
  • Married men were the most likely to dislike cats.

A few years ago hunch.com polled more than 200,000 pet owners to find out if they were dog or cat people. The site then crossed those responses with lifestyle surveys to determine what our pets reveal about us. I won’t go into details, but I encourage you to check out the survey findings infographic. Anything look familiar or off?

Not only do we feel passionate about our pets, we are willing to spend a bundle on them. Last year, the pet industry hauled in over $52.87 billion ($310 million on pet Halloween costumes). If one of your 2013 resolutions is to come up with a money-making scheme, the pet industry might be a good place to start.

Before I get slammed by cat people, I’ll leave you with this: 

Which do you prefer: dogs, cats, both or other?


  1. I have to say, I love them both! I have always owned big dogs. Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Boxers, Vizslas. Small dogs I am not a fan of! I was not allowed to have a cat growing up. Dad was NOT a cat person. However, as an adult I found myself with a very affectionate rescue kitten for over 13 years.

  2. Dogs are wonderful, loving creatures. But almost too loyal, as in needy. Cats, on the other hand, consider you their equal, which suits me just fine. Don't really go for needy...in dogs or people.

  3. I love them both- for different reasons. My cats have always been wonderful and cuddly, so perhaps I have been spoiled. I always had dogs growing up, but with three boys, the thought of having a dog join us was terrifying. When it was just the cat, we loved that we could take a trip- fill the food bowl to overflowing and poor a nice big bowl of water and off we went- cats are as close to responsibility free as any mammal could be. But, the dog lover in me finally won out and we adopted our Bella. Now that we have our dog, our lives are a lot more complicated, but she couldn't be more loyal and loving.

    In the end, I guess I am an "animal person"- I love them all... although, I am starting to think evil thoughts about my 7 year old fish- talk about no return on your investment. How much longer will those darn things live. But, that's another topic all together.


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