WTF Friday

Following other blogger's footsteps, I've decided to devote my Friday posts to an ongoing topic: WTF Fridays.

First up. This ad on Fab caught my eye:

“Sweet Insanity: Unicorn Poop Cookies? Yes, Please!”

The best ideas are born by happy accident. Sweet Insanity founder Kristy Lynn’s mother asked when she was going to make her unicorn cookies…except she phrased it as, “So, when are you going to make your unicorn sh_t?.” Thus the most fantastical treat of all time was born: the incredible, edible unicorn poop cookie.

Klassy mom, right? Here's Kristy and what she has to say about the poopers:

Kristy Lynn

"I'm constantly driven by what hasn't been done before. The response following my creation of Unicorn Poop motivated me to start a business and that is only the beginning of my Sweet Insanity."

No judgement here, but if you read Kristy's bio you'll find that she lives in LA and likes to add just a touch of Star Wars to her home decor. In addition to baking, she's a contract actress and gets paid to dress up like a zombie to promote products. She also dresses her two Boston Terriers in rainbow-colored tulle tutus. Enough said.

 And, here they are  -- only $25 (on sale) for a 10 pack!

Kristy, thanks for the inspiration. I hope the amount of potty talk I hear everyday will motivate me to create something insane.

Help me out here, if you see, read or hear anything over the course of the week that makes you wonder WTF?, please email it to me. I will publish it with a credit or anonymously. Your choice.

Have a good weekend! Go Ravens -- closest team to Skins territory. 

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  1. Cool idea! I will be on the lookout for ideas to send!


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