Spring is my favorite season. This year it is exceptionally welcoming after such a brutal winter. New flowers are starting to show their blooms all over my garden.

Let's start with my fave right now -- viburnum. They have been in full bloom for a couple weeks fading from bright chartreuse to white snowballs, and should be hanging around for another several days if they don't get pummeled by rain. In the language of flowers viburnum very aptly mean "idleness." They make lovely cut flowers on their own or in a mixed bouquet. If you're ever in the market for them for a special occasion, they are commonly called "guelder roses" at floral wholesalers.

Here they are hanging around in my garden.

 A few snuck in among the azaleas.

Wondering how I display them in my house? Of course you do.

I brought a big bunch inside in the morning to condition them for arranging. Viburnum are woody stemmed flowers so you should split them vertically about an inch up the stem to draw in more water before placing in a vase.

I placed a few tiny snowballs in a frog cube for my powder room.

And, these made a lovely, bright table display.

 {mercury glass vases from west elm}

Pull out your julep cups and mix them with something sweet like ranunculus -- another one of my faves. If you live in Atlanta, Trader Joe's has a nice selection right now.

Flower heads tend to get heavy and flop when making large arrangements. I usually gather a bunch in my hand until I like the shape, and then tie them together at their necks with twine before placing in an urn or wide-mouthed vase.

Simply plop them in. Done.

Enjoy them while they last!


  1. Maureen: I knew I had seen your blue logo somewhere: and it was from the last BYW class! I love Viburnum too…I have the "carlesii" which have the most heavenly vanilla scent. They're over with down here in NC, but for a few weeks they are perfect. I had grown them up north and was amazed at how well they do down here also.

  2. Hi Maureen, I thought I'd check out your blog, after you very kindly responded to my post on BYW. I love viburnum too, you are so lucky to have them in your garden. I have bought them from the florist before but they have always drooped, however I am going to try again and follow your tip about letting more water in by splitting.I look forward to reading more of your posts soon.
    Emma x

  3. Absolutely stunning, Maureen. I love this entry. You have so much knowledge about flowers, and you have a great eye for capturing then on "film". I am looking for something with year round interest for our front yard- I hadn't thought of Viburnum!

  4. These arrangements look gorgeous. You've inspired me. On my way to the flower shop now! :)


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