Joules wellies...

I recently became acquainted with Joules -- a UK clothing company that has crossed the pond to the States. Kind of like my go to -- Boden. My first purchase was a pair of wellies that I love. They come in a variety of colors, hand-drawn patterns and styles -- glossy and matte finishes -- for the entire family. They are super comfy and made of high quality rubber to stand the test of time. Each pair comes with a one-year guarantee. The mid-height styles were designed to fit a "wider-range" of calves -- aka thick Irish/English legs. My heritage.

Joules Wellies

I'm especially smitten with the girls boots. If I had a daughter, I would buy her a pair for sure. If you're in the market for rain boots, add these to your Mother's Day wish list.

Just so you know. Wellies or "Wellingtons" were first worn and popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. They became trendy with the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.

Joules recently launched a new product line of garden tools, furniture and accessories with Garden Trading -- another UK company. Now you can kick around your garden in your wellibobs and coordinating gardening gloves and feel like a true aristocrat.

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