Sobban -- A small ornate wooden table used for humble meals during the Lee Dynasty -- the Korean version of the everyday southern family table or TV dinner tray.

{large outdoor patio for dining alfresco -- it's covered with space heaters during the winter}

Sobban has become my favorite restaurant in Decatur. I've eaten there several times and have yet to be disappointed. They serve up Korean food with a southern twist. The menu changes daily so it never gets boring.

The restaurant was originally an Arby's. Not sure when, but it has changed hands at least three times since I've lived here. They did a nice job redesigning the small space. There is indeed a large communal table that takes center stage inside. It's fun sitting there because you can see up close and personal what other people order instead of staring at other diner's food trying to figure out what the next table over has. Plus it's fun to meet new people and eavesdrop. If you look closely, there are a couple of remnants from the Arby's days like this longhorn inlaid tile floor.

{nice -- isn't it?}

The rest rooms are outside like some of the older fast food joints and gas stations back in the day.

Everything I've ordered has been delicious. I always get the hand-made beef dumplings and kimchi miso kale to share. Although, I could eat the entire bowl of kale on my own.

{yum, and…}

{i asked the manager what they put in the kale to make it so insanely good -- secret recipe, but bacon fat is one of the ingredients}

I'm not a wings person, but they are a popular menu item, especially the Korean fire wings. Not recommended for children.

The salads are excellent, and plated beautifully.

{lotus root salad}

Have no fears vegetarians and pescatarians, there are plenty of options for you.

In addition to food, they offer a nice selection of Korean teas, unique sodas, local and Asian beers, Korean Saki and global wines by the glass. I'm of the mindset that beer is the best pairing with Asian food, so I go with my fave -- White Thai brewed in Charleston, SC.

Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner, Sobban is a must.

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating!


  1. I haven't been yet, but have wanted to try it. My mom went once and said it was fabulous and then the second time she was disappointed. Glad to have another opinion!

  2. I still haven't made it yet either, but I am sold! We need to get the girls together for lunch!


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