Le beach chapeau

Summer is a coming, and I can't wait to go to the beach. To avoid swim suit shopping, I've been focusing on hats to protect my already sun-damaged skin from further abuse.

I confessed in an earlier post that I used to do this in high school.

From There's Something About Mary.
I'd love to wear my derby hat, but I'm afraid it won't afford the amount of sun protection needed.

Do you think I should go into the millinery business?

My friend Susannah at Out Went the Light wore this Marley Lily hat on derby day. It's available in many colors with monogram for just $29.99. Perfect for you southern girls.

Picture you and your besties on the beach this summer.

Love this hat!


On the more practical side, Gottex's classic wide-brim hats are reasonably priced, packable and UPF +50.

 "Bimini" comes in many different colors for just $55.

With just a touch of bling, "Nauru" comes in black/gold (shown), cream/gold and turquoise for $79.

Or, if you're feeling frisky, the "Spellbound 50 Shades of Grey Ombre"  hat is sure to give you that raptured look for just $70.

J. Crew has several hats this season. I like the summer straw hat for its simplicity. Comes in pink (shown), black and natural for $34.50.

Happy Memorial Day!

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