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As you may know, Mr. Mophead and I are movie goers. We like to see all Oscar nominations before the ceremonyNot sure what happened this year, but I've seen exactly three -- all of which I recommend.

Let's start with the most recent -- Woody Allen's latest Blue Jasmine.

In this dramatic comedy Cate Blanchett (love her) brilliantly plays a down and out New York socialite who intrudes on her sister's life after she becomes penniless. Blanchett's character -- Jasmine --goes through a complete nervous breakdown. You'll never see so many Xanax popped and martinis downed. Let's just say Jasmine has a lot of unhealthy narcissism. Great cast, including Alec Baldwin and comedian Louis C.K. Favorable New York Times review.


The Way Way Back is a coming of age comedy about a 14-year-old boy -- Duncan -- who goes on a summer vacation with his divorced mother (Toni Collette) and her obnoxious boy friend played by Steve Carell. Interesting to see Carell play the bad guy. In spite of unpleasant circumstances, Duncan makes the best of the trip. New York Times review.


A psychological thriller, Side Effects is about a young women -- played by new it girl Rooney Mara -- whose life takes some unexpected twists and turns after taking an antidepressant. She has some severe side effects -- hence the title. Enough said.  I love Rooney Mara. You can get to know her better in this New York Times Style Magazine profileNew York Times review.


Just finished watching season 1 of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Orange is the New Black. It's loosely based on the book I briefly reviewed this summer. Loved it, but I wish they had cast someone else to play Piper. I find Taylor Schilling to be annoying in this role. I like all the other characters (except her on-again, off-again girl friend) so much that I can't decide which inmate is my fave. LA Times review.

Help me get caught up. Any must sees?

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