May the force be with you...

The long anticipated launch of Skylanders SWAP Force  hit retail and e-commerce stores Sunday. Lucky for me and our Skylanders friends, we got to demo the game before it went public -- compliments of Activision.

Kids from far and wide came to get in on the action.

Our little friend JL was perhaps the biggest Skylanders fan at the party. He had been crossing off the days on his calendar until the October 13 game release. He was pretty psyched when his parents told him he was invited. Up at the crack of dawn, he threw on his Skylanders duds and eagerly awaited the party. Definitely won the award for best dressed.

Others brought their own Skylanders characters like neighbor JF.

The Skylanders truck pulled up to the mophead household Friday afternoon for three hours of swashbuckling fun. It goes without saying the kids were super excited when it arrived.

{The swap force truck arrives!}


{A peak inside.}

{Our game truck coach -- Coby -- did a great job with crowd control while he set up the truck.}

{Cute, right}

{Truck open for business.}

{All hell breaks loose.}

Let the games begin...

Later, things got interesting when the big kids took over. JL's dad was first at the helm. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The moms were in too...

While other Moms enjoyed some tasty cocktails and snacks inside the house...

Needless to say, a good time was had by all...

Special thanks to Coby and our photographer Alisa Lewis...

To my little friend TZ who forwent his turn many times. His patience paid off when he was the first guest to receive a coveted Skylanders character.

And, a huge thank you to Activision for sponsoring the party.

Now go out and buy the game for your little Skylanders fan. It comes in every platform imaginable.


  1. So Much Fun! What a fabulous hostess, and a brave one at that. The boys have already added the Swamp Force game and new Skylanders to their holiday wishlists.

  2. Cole said, "That was an awesome game truck". Mom said, "That was an awesome Happy Hour"!
    Thanks Maureen! Thanks Activision!



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