noun -- a flat piece of metal for protection and often ornamentation, around a keyhole, door handle or light switch.

A few years ago I bought this original water color and its partner from artist Holly Ward Bimba's Esty shop Golly Bard. I was drawn to the colors, shapes and shadows. As an art student, Holly spent a summer in Italy where she fell in love with old world doors, knockers and escutcheons. She found them mysterious and made her curious about what was beyond reach and hidden from view. They are mysterious, don't you agree?

{Escutcheon Collection No. 6}

BTW, Holly has a fabulous blog and sells her beautiful line of fabrics, including escutcheon and keys, on spoonflower.

I made the purchase shortly after we finished our renovation during which I was knee deep in selecting door hardware. As the saying goes, they don't make 'em like they used to. The old 1920s doors that remain in our house have the original brass plated key holes and keys. The plates are covered with layers of paint though. I guess I could have them stripped, but that's never gonna make it to my "to do" list. While our new door hardware is nice, it's not nearly as unique or charming. 

A recent trip to Rosemary beach piqued my fascination with door hardware again. We stayed in a house designed by Atlanta's Kay Douglas. Kay owns South of Market -- a store I love, but the furniture and fixtures are scaled to fit spaces much, much larger than mine. The house is what I'll call industrial chic (more on it in an upcoming post). Each door had a decorative pivoting key hole escutcheon. Although they are faux -- no keyhole behind the pivoting cover. A nice touch nonetheless. 

Some that are decorative, as well as functional. From the UK, of course.


Love these from Collier Webb:

I discovered these pivoting escutcheon in Alys Beach. Lovely patina. I was certainly tempted to go inside.

As a sneak peak of my upcoming post on Alys -- check out this edgy hardware. The Moorish star opening gives you a small glimpse of what's inside. You'll have to check back later to see.

 {courtyard gate Fonville Press}

With locks and keys on my mind, I was thrilled to find this adorable leather coin purse (key chain within) on sale now at Comes in other colors too. Cute, right.


  1. Thank you Maureen! You are too kind. I love all of the hardware you found and the gate is to die for!

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  3. I've lived a lifetime without escutcheon knowledge but now I am in the know! And, I'll be more observant of doors going forward!


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