Some say guilty. I say guilt free!

I pinned this You Deserve It Canvas Giclee from the Make a Statement event at Joss and Main!

The other night I was doing a magazine purge and noticed this quote on the binding of an issue of Real Simple:

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. -- Iris Murdoch

And, on the top of a pile on my desk is a postcard from Boden that reads: Just one week to treat yourself.

This got me thinking about treats in general, and specifically about what I tend to treat myself to. Last year, Joni Webb of Cote de Texas wrote a post about guilty pleasures. Joni's guilty pleasure is having two dozen flowers delivered from her local grocery to her home each week. I left a comment on that post with a laundry list of my guilty pleasures. Fact is, I don't feel guilty about them. I deserve them. Don't you?

Here are 10 of my guilt-free pleasures:

Note: Ina Garten often uses the word "good" to describe ingredients in her recipes. Like the other day I made an orzo salad that called for "good" feta and "good" olive oil. Get the gist, right?
  1. Flowers.
  2. Sweets. I love candy, and cookies, and brownies too. I'm prone to candy binging after completing an especially tedious task, such as laundry. For us candy girls -- the more sugar, the better -- Easter is a very special time of year. I'm currently snacking on Starburst jelly beans. Yum! As far as cookies and brownies go, why waste calories on something meh when you can go for the gold? The Cookie Studio in town is my go-to bakery for cookies. The best brownie I've eaten lately was one I made from a Smitten Kitchen recipe. Per my friend Elizabeth, you must use "good" chocolate. The best I've bought was from the bakery at The General Muir. Do you hide sweet treats from your family? I do.
  3. Coffee. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and I drink it black. That means the coffee itself has to be pretty darn "good" on its own. I buy a bag of fresh coffee at Dancing Goats every week just for moi.
  4. Shelter magazines (lots!).
  5. Pedicures. This is a year-round must have service for me. Bare feet in the pilates studio call for freshly pampered and polished toes. Natural Body is my go to for a "good" pedicure. I haven't been to any of the foot massage places yet. Do tell if know of a "good" one in town.
  6. Luxe linens. I like a nice crisp white cotton sheet. My favorite brand is Thomas Lee. I also like white bath towels, but have yet to find one of high quality that can be bleached. Anyone?
  7. Caldrea hand soaps and lotions. I included this item in my favorite things post. Basil Blue Sage is my fave.
  8. Lunch out with friends (w/out children) at least once a week. Happiness goddess Gretchen Rubin makes this part of her weekly routine. It does make me happy. 
  9. Stationery. Love it. That's why I have to stay away from the Paper Source. You have to admit that it's rare and special to receive a hand-written note these days.
  10. Blogging and reading blogs. 
Enough said.

What are your guilty/guilt-free pleasures whichever way you slice it?

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  1. May you always be awash in your favorite things!

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  3. Whenever I go to whole foods, I pick up a few of those Taza chocolate discs to keep around to make delicious hot chocolate at home. Cinnamon and chili are the best. (I do not share; the kids get Swiss miss.)

  4. Has anyone been to treat your feet on Buford hwy? I've heard it is great and $25 for an hour! I keep meaning to try!

  5. I have a chocolate drawer. It isn't hidden from my children but I always have a stock of dark chocolate with sea salt for me. I also love to bake just so I can eat it! Definitely homemade over store bought. Other favorite things -- Balga socks for running, Brooks running shorts, my Acorn slippers (Thanks Molly!), lunch with friends, and really cool coffee mugs. I'd really love a big front porch but that may be in another life.

    1. Make the Smitten Kitchen brownies. You won't be sorry.

  6. I am going to Treat Your Feet on April 9th. Will report back then.

  7. Do the Thomas Lee sheets need to be ironed? I loved pressed sheets, but don't always have the time to do it. Alternatively, if they need to be ironed, do you have someone that will come in and iron them for me? I love white sheets and towels.

    1. Yes, they do. I love pressed sheets too, but I loathe ironing. I do like a really tightly made bed, so that takes care of some of the wrinkles. You could send them out to be laundered. That would make for a nice treat!

      Can't wait for your report on treat your feet.

  8. My guilty pleasure is Ferragamo shoes. I'll skimm on the car (will drive my Honda Civic until it drops) but love me some Ferragamos. My spending habits have to be among the weirdest.

  9. 1. Any and all gifts from me to me purchased at the 17 Steps. Do I reqire gift wrap? No thank you.

    2. Horseback riding lessons at Serenbe.

    3. Martha Stewart's line of office supplies carried by Staples, Vera Bradley & Anna Griffin writing paper, file folders, labels, sticky notes, etc. that I use both personally and in my office.

  10. Love the list! Best foot massage by far is JIAO near Ansley. One hour of heaven...for just $35! They wrap you in a warm blanket and give you a lovely cup of tea and biscuit - all while massaging your feet.


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