Photo gallery for dummies

I recently read Nathan Turner's American Style. In it he says that framed photos always look better on a vertical, not horizontal, surface. That includes book shelves, which is pretty much where all of mine sit. The only way to display family photos, he says, is in uniform frames on one wall. BTW, I love Nathan Turner. Here he is looking cute with his adorable yellow lab "Daisy." For those of you who don't already know, I have a yellow lab named "Daisy."

This inspired me to collect the dozens of framed and loose photos scattered around the house and packed up in boxes to display on one of our many naked walls -- a project I've started and stopped for 3 years. Alas, I came across Change of Art. These eco-friendly frames make hanging art and photos easy peasy. Yes, pleasey. Let's take a look.

Each frame is already matted, includes its own template and hanging button. This means no more holes all over the wall -- something I've been known to do. An extra storage pocket for photos you want to swap out is placed behind the actual photo slot. Watch the demo video to see how it works.

My photo gallery project in three steps:

Step 1: Weed through this mess to select photos. Overwhelming I know.

and this..

Edit, edit, edit.  

Step 2: I arranged the framed photos on the floor first. After much back and forth, we affixed the templates to wall with painter's tape. I like that the mats come in various sizes -- visually mixes it up.

Step 3: Nail buttons in place and hang frames. Done! This wall is opposite the stair case, so I had to take these photos from an angle. Looks much better in person.

The frames are also great for kid's art. I used my handmade Mother's Day cards from last year on my wall. Note: the frames only come in 5x7 and 8x10 with additional sizes to come. They also come in white and cherry. I have already ordered more to add to this gallery and start a new wall. I'm hooked.

One more thing. Change of Art donates 50 cents for each frame you buy to your charity of choice.

Easy, good looking, eco-friendly and charitable. Sold?

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  1. Smart use of painter's tape to position! On my photo wall and it was a b to arrange, hang, and then rearrange whilst trying to cover up the extra nail holes.

  2. Looks wonderful! I think you probably have more weeding self-discipline than I!

  3. Wow -- thank you for the delightful post about Change of Art! Your gallery wall looks awesome. I love your use of the Side-by-Side. Makes me think I should bring them back. Also love the touch of color with the handmade cards. I didn't think the frames would work with layered pieces – you've taught me something about my own product! (And it's totally charming.)

    And, thank you for your second order! They've been painting our assembly room at Anixter Center, so your new frames won't ship out until tomorrow. Since you've reached a dozen, you're getting a little freebie with your shipment (I think you're going to like it!)

    -Mary Ann

  4. This sounds like a great resource. Thanks for posting about it!


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