The last supper

In August -- seems like eons ago -- my friend Kristin invited me to a girl’s weekend at her mother-in-law’s house in the North Carolina Mountains. I was expecting a rustic cabin in the woods. Much to my delight, it was an absolutely fab home situated on top of a hill surrounded by stunning mountain vistas. 

After getting our room assignments and unpacking our bags, we headed straight to the kitchen like a pack of mixologists to whip up some cocktails and snacks. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

We did venture outdoors the next day for a short hike. Chanting “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” we gingerly made our way down the long gravel road. There weren’t any lions or tigers, but there were several bear sightings that day – none by us. We did discuss what to do though -- make a lot of noise -- if we happened upon old Smokey.

Only you --  real housewives of Decatur -- can prevent wildfires!

After what felt like hours, we decided to head home. The trek back up the hill was grueling, especially for me and Kristin who were suffering from planter fasciitis, and Gwinn whose "buttock" was out of whack. What can I say, it sucks getting old.

We made it, which entitled us to more libations and food. After napping, reading and relaxing, we rallied for some more relaxing by the pool down the hill before dinner. It goes without saying that we drove.

Dinner that night was amazing! It was a group effort that turned out to be a culinary delight. It helped that Kristin’s husband is a professional chef and provided us with some provisions for the trip.

As dinner was winding down, someone asked: "If this were your last meal, what would you order and who would serve it?" Taking turns, we discussed in great detail, cocktails, wine, bread, dishes and desserts from fancy restaurants and bakeries around the world. Some mentioned their mom’s famous dishes, which was really sweet. Of course Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) got a few nods. Can I just say that I'm really disappointed that KFC changed its 50-year-old slogan "finger-lickin' good" with "so good." That is so lame. 

I won’t bore you with the details of my personal menu, but I will share my wait staff – a toss up between George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. To me, George Clooney is the epitome of an old-fashioned Hollywood star, like Cary Grant.

Not George's best head shot, but you get my drift.

Besides being a brilliant actor (he was robbed of some Academy Awards in the past few years IMO) Ryan Gosling is pretty darn hot. Ryan was also Jincy’s waiter of choice. Coincidentally, we watched Crazy, Stupid Love later that night. Here’s Ryan at his absolute best.

Our supper club is hosting a "last supper" this week. Gwinn cleverly renamed it "death row dinner." Unfortunately, neither George, nor Ryan, nor Brad, nor Matt will be there to tend bar or wait tables. There was some arm wrestling over who would bring the KFC. Molly won. I had planned to wear my buffet pants with candied bacon in tow. Unfortunately, we can't make it. I know others are covering the bacon in our absence. My apologies to those of you who don’t eat pork, but everything tastes better with bacon, right? The evening promises to be a good time had by all.

Don’t be shy ladies. Who would serve your last supper?


  1. After my husband, I'd say Joel McHale. He's super funny, doesn't take himself seriously, and is tall, unlike most actors.

  2. Love it. Viggio Mortenson (sp) and Eric Bana will be there. I'm so sorry ou can't come!

  3. Is it weird to say Jon Stewart? Ultimate dinner guest!


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