2015 Oscars fashions...

I'm happy to report that I saw all eight best picture nominations. Unfortunately, I lost my annual picks pool. The toss up between Boyhood and Birdman threw me for a loop. I thought Michael Keaton was a shoo-in for best actor even though Eddie Redmayne deserved it. Birdman was actually my least favorite film of the season. I walked out of the theater wondering what the heck just happened. Although extremely intense, Whiplash was my fave.

Before I get started with my fashion roundup, let's talk about my new favorite subject -- underwear.  The New York Times reported Saturday that most A-listers on the red carpet would be sporting Commando "invisible underwear." I had never heard of this line, which is made of stretch fabric instead of elastic. Guess it works because I didn't notice any underwear snafus. No panty lines, no spillover.

As with the Golden Globes, nothing really wowed me. One thing's for sure: beads, beads and more beads, including pearls, littered the carpet. With this trend in mind, here are few standouts.

Fashion darling Lupita did not fail to impress. I thought she looked stunning in her white pearl - all 6,000 of them -- custom beaded gown with understated drop earring and rings.

{via e-online}

I was also impressed with Julianne Moore's Chanel beaded frock. Her hair, makeup and jewelry were spot on. Way to go Julianne.


In the red category, Dakota Johnson's gown was simple yet elegant just the way I like them. Too bad mom Melanie Griffith overdosed on Botox. She could hardly crack a smile.


And, Rosamund Pike made an impressive come back after her hideous Golden Globes flop.


Cate Blanchett is one class act. She stood out in the crowd, but her outfit did not survive closer inspection. I wanted to love her black velvet gown for it's simplicity and silhouette, but the unfinished trim arm holes and back cut out ruined it for me. Her hair looked unkempt too. So out of character. I did love her Tiffany turquoise-beaded statement necklace that popped against the black dress. Nice clutch to boot.


I could go on, but I'll stop here. Did anyone wow you?


  1. I liked Julianne Moore's gown. Cate Blanchett's Tiffany's necklace really saved the day for this dress. My favorite ones were Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and surprisingly enough (bc I'm not a big fan of hers) Gwyneth Paltrow. :)

  2. Excellent choices! Rosamund Pike looks gorgeous - her earlier awards show choices were quite unflattering. I also thought J-Lo looked great.

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