Cheap & easy grocery store floral designs...

We recently hosted our annual neighborhood oyster roast. The weather didn't cooperate, so we improvised by moving the party inside. The roast became an oyster raw bar thanks to our friends at Cakes & Ale who quickly sourced some tasty oysters from Montauk, NY. Good news: C&A is opening a new restaurant -- Bread & Butterfly -- in Inman Park next summer. Yay!

I'll talk about hosting a backyard oyster roast in another post (you can check out my oyster roast Pinterest board). With the holiday season upon us, I want to show you how to throw together some quick and easy floral arrangements using grocery store flowers and greenery from your yard.

For these arrangements, I spent less than $15 -- one small bunch of blue hydrangea, one bunch of lime green mums and one 5-stem bunch of gerber daisies. From my yard, fatsia blooms and pieris.

Although fatsia is grown primarily for its green foliage, don't overlook the flowers. They bloom in the fall, and they are ripe for the picking in my yard right now (Southeast). I think they add texture and interest to floral arrangements.

Don't know if you have any in your landscape? It looks like…

Here they are mixed with hydrangea and tulips on my Thanksgiving table last year...

A similar arrangement I made for the party. Follow my tutorial on how to arrange one.

On to the smaller arrangements. It's no secret, I love using chive frog cubes. They add pizazz to any surface they sit on as singles or in groups.

Lay out your materials before you get started. Notice you only need a small sprig of hydrangea for each cube. This is enough for 10.

From there, the possibilities are endless.

Bold and modern...

Or, more on the rustic side…

 {sea foam cube -- one of my fave colors}

Mix with votives when the sun goes down…

I've also been using my chive bubble milk vases. A sweet addition to my powder room.

There you have it. I hope this gives you some good ideas for how to stock up your inventory and repertoire for the holiday season. And, don't forget, a filled frog cube is sure to put a smile on your hostess/host's face.


  1. How beautiful- I love them all. Please do another post in a few months for the winter!

  2. Yes! I love this post and all the arrangements. I must be a rustic girl, because that's my favorite.

  3. I noticed the sea foam cube at the roast. Where did you find colored cubes? I love each arragements! All are so very vivid & cheerful!


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