Destination: Santorini, Greece

Today I'm delighted to introduce you to Effie who pens apieceofbliss. Born and raised in Greece, her name actually means "bliss." Effie works full time while earning her PhD in linguistics. She's lived in and traveled to faraway places and currently resides in Abu Dhabi with her husband. I can't think of a better person to take us on a quick tour of Santorini. Let's get to know her first.

Q: Dogs or cats? 

Definitely dogs.
Q: Tea or coffee? 
Coffee in the morning. Tea in the evening. 
Q: Cooking or baking? 
Q: Spring or fall? 
Q: Beach or mountains? 
Anywhere as long as I can gaze at the sea even from far. 
Q: Favorite city? 
Dubai (without the traffic and the complicated road system), London and Chicago.
Q: Funniest travel experience? 
While flying back to Greece from the States on July 4,  2004, the Greek national soccer team scored the winning goal at the Euro Cup final game. The pilot announced it. I don’t need to tell you how all the Greeks on the plane responded to the announcement, do I? 
Q: Best meal you’ve ever had? 
One of the best: Seafood pasta at Gustavino in Florence. And mom’s food of course.

A few more questions about expat life...

Q: What you miss most about home? 
My family and friends.
Q: What you miss least about home? 
The list is long. 
Q: What you love most about your home abroad? 
That it is a multicultural, clean and safe city. 
Q: What you like least about your home abroad? 
The driving, that things can change overnight without any warning and that we are very often reminded that this is not our home. 
Q: Tips for others who take the leap? 
Be patient when relocating. It personally takes me 1-2 years to adjust to a new place. If you don’t feel like you belong there after a couple of years, then you probably don’t. 

Santorini, Greece

Last July, my husband and I visited Santorini for three days. We stayed at a picturesque little hotel called Athermi Suites in Megalochori, a few minutes outside the main city, Fira. It was the perfect combination of style, atmosphere, service and breathtaking views at an affordable price.

 {our room}

{the bathroom in our room. great idea for a sink!}

{view from our hotel by day}

{and at sunset}

We spent most of our time lounging by the pool basking in the sun and taking in the views. Of course we did all the tourist things, like watching the Santorini sunset, visiting the towns of Fira and Oia, as well as the archaeological site in Akrotiri

{looking up at Oia from the Bay}

{church bells in Oia}

{infinity pool at a very expensive hotel in Oia -- spectacular view}

We spent our last day in Ammoudi Bay.

{fresh fish taverns on the Bay}

{Ammoudi Bay -- not easily accessible, but great if you are into cliff diving}

Needless to say, the food in the area is amazing. The owner of our hotel recommended two hidden gems Metaxi Mas and Mousiko Kouti where we had our most memorable meals.

{fresh dorado}

{fresh fish, greens and fava (Santorini delicacy)}

If I were to do it again, I would take a sunset cruise. 

{blissful Santorini sunset}

A few travel tips:  If you’re staying outside of Fira or Oia, you probably need to rent a small car or squad. Don’t go for a big car as the roads are quite narrow. You can stay at a hotel like the one we did with a great view, but half the price of what you’d pay if you stayed in Fira or Oia. 

*     *     *     *

Thanks for stopping by to share your Santorini experience with us, Effie. Here she is strolling in Fira after sunset. As you can see, she is quite beautiful. Having not me her in person, I just know she is super nice too.

Don't forget to stop by Effie's blog for more on her travels, interiors, food, fashion and more. 


  1. These pictures are stunning...and I loved Effie's interview! Nice post :)

  2. Thank you, Maureen, for your kind words and the invitation. This was my first guest post and I really really enjoyed writing it!!! I hope your readers enjoyed it too :)


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