My 2014 resolutions...

According to some estimates, more than 40% of people make New Year's resolutions, but only 8% keep them. These findings were reported by Dan Diamond in Forbes last year. Diamond offers some ways to succeed: keep it simple, make it tangible, hold yourself accountable by charting your goals or sharing them with friends and family, and believe in yourself.

With that in mind, here are my 2014 resolutions:

1) Keep abreast of current events. When I moved to Atlanta I pretty much lost interest in national news. I've always loathed local news. It is so depressing. For whatever reason, removed from the nation's capital, I was no longer a junkie. Once I had children, I completely lost sight. Sad I know.

As luck would have it, I recently stumbled upon the Skimm -- a one-page weekday newsletter straight from headline news with fresh content, hip headlines and analysis. The skimmers read so we can skim. Brilliant. I'm even learning some twitter lingo. Also, I did a House of Cards marathon after my knee surgery. Got me interested in political intrigue again. Mark your calendars, Season Two will be released February 14. Can't wait.

2) Write more correspondence in cursive. In November I took a copperplate calligraphy course. (Blog post to come.) Our first assignment was to write the alphabet in cursive -- upper and lower case. Easy, right? Wrong. I had completely forgotten the Zanerian alphabet. My writing sample was a pathetic hybrid of script and print. Okay it was fancy print. I know my Catholic school friends are gasping right now. All of those years with Sister Mary what's her name practicing perfect penmanship. Don't judge until you've done the exercise yourself. Grab a piece of paper and do it right now. No cheating. How did you do?

3) Send a holiday card. I want to thank those of you who continue to send me a holiday card year after year. Don't worry, you haven't fallen off my "A" list. I haven't sent one in a long time. This year, you will get one. Not sure which holiday it will be, but I can assure you that the envelopes will be addressed by hand in cursive.

4) Swim. Now that my tennis career is on hold, I've decided to take up swimming starting next week. My goal is to beat Mophead Jr.'s qualifying time from last season's championship meet. I won't have to hold myself accountable. He'll do it for me.

There. I have officially shared this with all of you. If you see me in the next several months you'll notice how buff I am from swimming. Be sure to mention it. If we go out to lunch, don't be surprised if I strike up a conversation about the current situation in the Middle East and proudly show you my check signed in legible cursive. I know you'll be eagerly awaiting my holiday card.

p.s. Happy New Year! May all of your 2014 resolutions come true.

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