Golden Globes best dressed...

Who watched the Globes last night? Tina Fey & Amy Poehler did an amazing job hosting the show. And, they both looked fab. I've got to admit I was disappointed in the fashion department. In the midst of a lot of unflattering and hideous gowns, there were a few winners.

Let's start with the most obvious. Lupita Nyong'o's red Ralph Lauren cape dress. Perfection!

Her performance in 12 Years A Slave was brilliant. J-Law is my girl, but Lupita deserved the award for best supporting actress. Just in case you were wondering, I loathed Jennifer's dress.

Margot Robbie pulled off her plunging white Gucci gown in style. Simple, yet elegant is always the perfect combination in my book.

{via Glamour}

Her gown was well fitted up top. Too bad two of my girl crushes -- Robin Wright and Amy Adams didn't get it right. As much as I adore Amy, I loathed her gown. So unflattering. Robin Wright's dress was pretty, but I saw several peekaboo shots of her paste on bra. Her hair didn't look nearly as cute as it usually does either. Naomi Watts looked very classy in a similar metallic gown. Nothing spilling out, sagging or gaping at the sides even with those sheer cut outs. Her butt looked good too. Way to go Naomi!

Of pregnant ladies on the red carpet, I thought Kerry Washington looked best with her baby bump. Wish I could say the same for Drew Barrymore???

Not to end on a negative note, but I must. Why did Leonardo win for best actor for comedy or musical. I thought Christian Bale was a shoo in. He and the other contenders were robbed. I'm not sure that I'll ever recover from Lenny making a mockery of Robert Redford's role in last year's dreadful remake of The Great Gatsby. And I will never get over Titanic winning best picture in 1998. Gives me nightmares. There is still hope the Academy will get it right.

Who were your faves?


  1. I didn't mind Amy Adams's dress. Not one of the best, but definitely not one of the worst in my book. Dying to know what you thought of Emma Watson's dress/pants combo. Like or loathe? And Julia Robert? I'm not sure I hate it...I just don't really get why you'd wear a button down under a gown. Cold easily?

  2. I LOVED Emma Watson's dress/pants. I loved the cleverness, colors, and cut of the outfit. But I would never actually wear something like that. And don't kick me off your blog- but I LOVED Titanic and have a crush on Leo. :-)

  3. That red rl is the perfect color, but I thought thr shape was maybe a touch too simple? Reminded me of the white tom ford that Gwynnie wore last year. My HANDS DOWN fave was Cate Blanchett. Loved everything about it. Gorgeous fabric, amazing cut. She is divine. My least fave was Kate Mara in that silver-osity. You know I loves my house of cards, but yikes.

  4. Hold up. I just saw Helen Mirren in that green and I must award a tie for best with Cate.

  5. You made a great top choice. I can't help it but I liked Amy Adam's dress! And I liked Sandra Bullock's look too. Looking back at the pictures, though, Olivia Wilde was GORGEOUS! Preggers and gorgeous.


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