Jenis splendid ice creams...

Good news. Jeni's recently opened on the West side. Yay! Elizabeth F. and I had to go check it out immediately. We were not disappointed.

So what's all the hype about? Jeni's happens to be the best ice cream I have ever had hands down. The secret to her artisan American ice creams: flavor, texture and creamy consistency. With ingredients like whole milk, heavy cream, cream cheese and the best quality chocolate, extracts and fresh seasonal farmer's market offerings -- how can you go wrong? Jeni's sells signature -- like sea salt caramel -- as well as seasonal flavors. Right now the late harvest collection includes: sweet potato with torched marshmallows, Cinderella pumpkin, sweet corn & black raspberries and whiskey & pecans. Yum!

Jeni's storefront is a adorable. Let's take a quick peek.

 {welcome to Jeni's}

{come on in}

{colorful streamers, ice cream, gravel toppings, marble top tables -- so cute}

{my order -- sea salt caramel and brown butter almond brittle ice creams with salty graham gravel}

I've had my eye on some pumpkin/ginger ice cream sandwiches I saw on the Canadian blog Chocolate Shavings for my Thanksgiving dinner spread. I plan to use this big soft ginger cookie recipe filled with Jeni's Cinderella pumpkin ice cream. Of course, I'll have to practice and do a lot of taste testing before I get the sandwiches just right for my guests. I found some cute chevron paper bags for the ice cream sandwiches and a bunch of other baking and party accoutrement at the Pink Lemonade party shop on etsy. I'm sorry, but I can't resist showing you my fave. item in that shop -- Mr. Macho Man cake topper. Here he is!

Mr. Macho Man is available in different skin tones, hair colors and speedos.

If you're feeling really ambitious this holiday season, you can make your own mouth-watering Jeni's ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. More than 100 "addictively good" recipes can be found in Jeni's New York Times best seller Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home. She offers pairings for each recipe. Nice touch. I have her book and an ice cream maker on my holiday wish list.

In other foodie news…

Look what I saw at my pilates studio Urban Body yesterday. Please tell me you didn't know that Diet Coke has created a tall, skinny Taylor Swift Collector's Edition. It's available for a limited time only. You Taylor fans better go get it while supplies last.

{"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change." Yes, that quote is actually on each can along with her signature.}

Last, but certainly not least, the winner of my Metrofresh give-away…drum roll please…is Robin P. Congrats Robin. Can't wait to try your white bean stew recipe.

Happy Monday!


  1. How exciting! Thanks, Maureen! Perfect timing as Mark is having surgery Thursday and will be home with me for a week (eek!). I can treat us to lunch at Metrofresh one day. Thank you! (And I am definitely trying Jeni's ice cream. It sounds outrageous.)

  2. I've never tried Jenni's ice cream but have heard so many great things about them! I hope your sandwiches turn out great -- looking forward to your thoughts!

  3. I want to go for a dip of sea salt caramel- YUM! Make sure and post a picture of the pumpkin/ginger masterpiece when it's finished. I LOVE pumpkin... hint, hint!


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