Summer solstice

Friday is the summer solstice. Apparently it has been celebrated for centuries with all kinds of traditions. wikiHow has many ideas (or "steps") for how. While some take the spiritual, introspective or renewal approach, others just like to revel.

Not exactly my idea of fun, but this is my favorite "tip" on wiki:

-- Go on a naked run. Get the permission of your local authority to hold a naked fun run through the town. In Riga, Latvia, this has become a recent ritual of great popularity for the summer solstice celebrations. If this is your idea of fun, go for it.

Does anyone live in an area where your local authorities would permit a naked fun run? Guess the Latvians are willing to turn a blind eye to streaking.

I don't have any definitive solstice plans, but I do love many things about summer. Here are some of my favorite sights, smells and tastes of summer in no particular order.

Summer: 10 things

{the smell of a freshly mowed lawn]

{kids playing in sprinklers}

{al fresco dining}

{farm stand tomatoes}

{4th of July fireworks}

{burgers and hot dogs on the grill}


{the smell of Coppertone}

 {beach reading}

{catching lightning bugs}

What are your faves.?

Happy summer!

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1 comment:

  1. Listening to the nighttime katydids

    Hearing the bullfrogs croak at my grandmother's pond

    Eating blackberry cobbler

    Watching hummingbirds drink from a hummingbird feeder

    Seeing blooming impatiens when I look out my windows.

    Cutting gardenia & hydrangea blossoms

    from a h


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