2016 Oscars fashion...

As in the past several years, I was not wowed by what I saw on the red carpet last night.

Only one person stood out in my mind -- Naomi Watts. She is on my list almost every year. Perfect head to toe as always. Just stunning.

I'm a bit torn about Cate Blanchett's dress. The color is flattering, but the embellishments, especially around the sleeves/straps were too much IMO. What did you think?

Over embellished up top. Get rid of all that stuff and it would have been lovely. 
See comparison with wedding cake on Instagram.

The plunging neckline was popular last night. It worked well for Cate, but not others. How low can you go? Take a look at Charlize Theron's gown. She was stunning, but her dress was way too low IMO.  See side boobage.

Her co-presenter Emily Blunt gets my vote for cutest. Pretty in pink with baby pump. Love her. 

As far as awards went, I was thrilled to see Spotlight win for best picture. It was my favorite movie last year. Too bad I didn't pick it for my pool. I would have won.

PC matters addressed on last night's agenda. Not going there. I'll let others duke it out on Facebook. 

Until next year...

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