Spice to Table...

I've been spending a lot of time exploring and eating in Inman Park recently. One of my new fave restaurants is Spice to Table -- an Indian patisserie. I've already eaten there three times. The restaurant is owned and operated by Asha Gomez, best known for her critically acclaimed restaurant Cardamom Hill, which closed its doors. I never had a chance to eat there, so I was delighted that she opened this spot  with another on the way at the Krog Street Market (more on the market coming soon).

Let's take a look.

{welcome to spice to table located in the Studioplex lofts}

 {no dinner yet, but might be soon}

 {cute planted bicycle is a nice welcoming touch)

The interior space is small, but well appointed. Open, yet cozy with lots of natural light streaming in from every direction. It's refreshing to see a loft space look homey with richly painted blue walls and an eclectic collection of traditional/shabby chic type furnishings.

Windows separate two rooms.

You can choose to dine at one of the communal tables littered with Indian spices and cookbooks...

Or, grab an intimate table for two.

Food is served cafeteria style.

In fact, you will find Asha behind the counter on most days.

What to order? My hands down fave is the beautifully presented potato kati atop a bed of chickpeas finished off with a piece of flatbread. This dish is a regular menu item although they change up the beans occasionally.

{robin's egg blue tin plates available at Star Provisions}

Another favorite is a vegetable stew in a light ginger broth served with flatbread. I recommend ordering a samosa pocket -- either potato and peas or curried chicken. They are both delicious.

The roasted veggies make for a nice side.

The menu also features meat dishes. For dessert, try Amma's spiced carrot cake or head over to Jeni's at the Krog Street Market for ice cream.

Open Monday - Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. I highly recommend it.

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