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So I'm stealing another one of Cupcakes and Cashmere's blog ideas, which she calls "Links I Love." Being the avid blog reader that I am, it's only fair that I share these five posts with you loyal readers. This week's theme is organization.

1) You can never have too many baskets around to organize and corral stuff, especially if you have children who litter it everywhere. Knight Moves has been kind enough to showcase a nice selection with online sources in tow. Love that.
2) Arianna Belle shares how she manages her magazine clippings. As you know, I'm a magazine hoarder. During my renovation, I kept several inspiration binders organized by room and topic. That has since gone by the wayside. I guess I should resume that practice. Because let's face it, my book shelves aren't going to look like this anytime soon.


3) I love the way Arianna organizes her handbag too. I'm getting a card cubby.

4) One of our family traditions is collecting sea treasures from our beach trips. I have managed to save them in jars, plastic bags and bottles with the location and dates enclosed. They would look so much nicer like this -- from Vreeland Road. I spy a Rosemary Beach jar. On my project list.

5) Styling bookcases is always a challenge. Local designer Sherry Hart makes it look easy from start to finish. Also on my project list.

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