The Matchbook Girl

Of all the e-mags out on the blogosphere today, matchbook is hands down my fav. From the editors:
Our monthly issues cover past and present fashion, decor, the arts, travel and culture. Brimming with intriguing interviews, stately homes, captivating memoirs and swoon-worthy fashion spreads, matchbook seeks to inspire women around the globe to design a life they adore. From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, and Paris to Peru, consider us your field guide to a charmed life.
So what's not to like, right? You'll find inside each issue a list of what a matchbook girl does. Although I generally consider myself a matchbook girl, some months I totally nail it, while others I'm not even close. For October I qualify for just 3 of 8 of the criteria.

This matchbook girl...
  • dreams she can dance like Ginger Rogers (a stretch)
  • lines her front stoop with freshly carved pumpkins (2 to be exact)
  • has a weakness for candy corn
Eating candy corn is something I'm definitely guilty of.

Check out the list in this month's issue. Are you a matchbook girl or a matchbook a wannabe?

                                                                                      October 2012 Issue

Happy Halloween!

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